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Things to do at Foylehov Activity Centre...

Fly a Hovercraft


Have you ever wanted to float on land...well now you can ! Limitless is the only hovercraft flying venue in all of Northern Ireland! Are you up for this unique driving / flying challenge?

Powerturn Buggies

New type of off road buggy, Powerturn Buggies are a unique driving experience for you to master, with no steering wheel, can you master the controls?

Laser Combat

The ultimate team battle, play Laser Combat on our outdoor battle arena. Who's team will triumph?

Target Archery

Do you have the skill and concentration to hit the bulls eye? Our expert Archery instructors will help you hone your skills.

Feature Archery

A fun and challenging alternative to our usual target archery activities, taking even the most experienced archer out of their comfort zone

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting lets you experience realistic shotgun shooting, with up to 5 of you shooting at the same target, who will hit first?

Play football golf on Northern Ireland 1st purpose-built 18 hole course with a few obstacles thrown in too. 

Team Games

Limitless Adventure Centre's Team Games can be a brilliant add on to other activities to really get the group together and have a laugh while doing it. Perfect for team building days out, youth groups, sports teams, school trips, birthday parties...any reason really!

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