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Archery with a twist. Feature Archery offers a fun and challenging alternative to the traditional target archery games which can take even the most experienced archer out of their comfort zones. Try your hand at our unique scenarios, each with their own rules and scoring systems.


Pokery-   An entire deck is taped to the target face, face down. Archers shoot 5 arrows, to hit five different playing cards, with the winner being the one with the best hand.


Snookery – follows the same rules as snooker. Archers must hit a red circle followed by a coloured circle followed by another red and so on,  and try and build as big a break as possible. If a circle is missed then the other person shoots until they miss


Poolery-  same as above except there are only 2 colours and the black. First person to hit all their balls and the black wins


Penalty Shootout


Fruit Challenge - archers will shoot at increasing  sized fruit targets hanging from a beam each worth an decreasing number of points


Dartchery - archers shoot at an enlarged dartboard target face, which can be purchased from most archery dealers. Normal dart rules apply, with archers being divided into teams and taking it in turns to shoot at the target. After three arrows have been shot, they are collected and the score recorded.


Pontoonery - Playing cards are stuck to the target face, face down. Archers shoot 2 arrows, to hit two different playing cards, with the winner being the one with the hand closest to 21


Lucky Dip

This is best done outdoors, at a longer distance. Each archer shoots six arrows and then, before scoring, a piece of paper with scoring instructions is pulled out of the bag containing several different slips of paper. This means that an archer has no idea what their score will be when they are shooting. Scoring instructions might be:

  • Normal scoring applies
  • Reverse scoring
  • Ignore all golds
  • Whites score 20
  • Two or more arrows in the same colour score nothing for those arrows
  • Missing the target scores 10
  • Negative scoring (you lose the number of points that you have scored)


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