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We are constantly coming up with new ways and ideas to keep Foylehov Activity Centre the perfect location for your next day out, be that a family outing, birthday party, hen party or stag do or simply a group of friends on the looking for a a great days' craic, we can guarantee it here!

Water Pong

No Man's Land




Don't Touch It

Time Split

Nine Cone Path

Copy Pattern

Towers of Hanoi

General Knowledge Quiz

Table Quiz


4 Way Tug Of War

French Cricket

Kwick Cricket

Ton Bag Race

Board Walk

Obstacle Course

Tallest Tower

Bridge Build

Protect the Egg


Pair & Group Stand Up

Chinese Whispers

Scavenger Hunt

Treasure Hunt

Blindfold Maze - Obtacles

Blindfold Retriever

Sheep & Shepherd

Blindfold Nightline

Sneak a Peak

Turning Over a New Leaf

Blind Draw

Human Shapes

Plus Many More To Come!

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