5 good reasons to take your Stag or Hen Party to the great outdoors: 19/06/2013

So it’s your special get together before the Big Day, and you want to celebrate with your closest friends. Why not take a break from tradition and forget the all-day/all-night pub session - give them all a day out they really will remember.

1. More memorable: let’s face it, one night in the pub can be pretty much the same as another, and after a long night’s drinking you probably won’t remember too much at all…You don’t want to end up in a remake of The Hangover Part 1! The added bonus? The Facebook pictures will be so much less embarrassing…
2. More fun: getting some fresh air and exercise will get the adrenalin going and release those all-important endomorhpins which reduce that pre-wedding stress and enhance your mood. Stir things up a little with a team or group activity for some not-so-serious competition.
3. Less painful – no hangover: Just imagine, all that fun with NO morning after effect.
4. Healthier: Be kind to your liver and give it a break. You will feel so much better the next day. Hangover’s aside, drinking too much in one night can leave you depressed for several days whereas exercise can give you a real lift - which is really what you need in the run-up to a big event like a wedding.
5. Costs less…..if you add up all the costs of a major binge, including taxis home, the bill is usually much more than you imagined it would be.

So get your gang outdoors instead and organise something everyone can do. You might finish up with a few drinks ‘al fresco’, but at least you have will have exercised more than your elbow. Why not give us a call and we can help you organise a day of outdoor adventure with hovercrafting or Max Combat activities, as we cater specially for Stag and Hen parties.