Be Adventurous! Try Something Different! Unique Outdoor Activities in Northern Ireland 18/02/2016

Try different outdoor actvities in Northern IrelandLooking for something different to do outdoors in Northern Ireland? We have lots of fun outdoor activities to suit all ages and occasions and will give you a truly unique experience that you can tick off your bucket list.

We are the only place in Northern Ireland that you can learn to fly a hovercraft. We are also the only place with Powerturn Off Road Buggies and are home to Northern Ireland's first purpose-built Football Golf Course.

All activities have been expertly designed and created from the Hovercraft race tracks and Powerturn Buggy tracks, to the Football Golf course, to the Laser Combat Battle Arenas, to the Target Archery Arena and the Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting Arena.

Foylehov Activity Centre is located in Limavady, near Derry / Londonderry, Coleraine, so we are ideally located for everyone in Northern Ireland to enjoy an action-packed day out with a difference.


Whether you want to experience the thrill of flying, driving, kicking or shooting, we have lots of activities ranging from adrenaline pumping to the more skill-based, competitive that are perfect for all ages to enjoy. You can get an idea of prices via the links below but there are some group discounts available so just ask :) 

 Activity Prices for age 16 and over

Activity Prices for 14-15 year olds

Activity Prices for 12-13 year olds

Activity Prices for Under 12 year olds

KICK it out at Foylehov Football Golf / Footgolf

Football Golf or Footgolf is a fun game that is perfect for all ages. Played with similar rules as golf but instead of swinging a club to hit a golf ball players kick a football into a hole. Our purpose-built football golf course is the first of it's kind in Northern Ireland and has lots of obstacles and hazards along the way to add to the fun and test your footgolf skills to the max.

SHOOT to victory at Foylehov with Archery, Laser Clay Shooting & Laser Combat

Become a master shot at Target Archery, Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting and Laser Combat / Laser Tag with our expert tuition ideal for everyone. We have Junior Archery Bows and our instructors will help everyone hone their skills to help hit the bullseye! See who can hit the clay pigeons first with everyone shooting at the same time in a variety of shooting games! And if you are up for a bit of competitive team work then a Laser Combat Battle might be just the thing. Split into two teams, work with each other to win in a range of laser tag games.

FLY over land & water in a Hovercraft

Glide over land and water in a Hovercraft, a unique experience that everyone can enjoy. Anyone 14 and over can learn to fly the hovercrafts themselves while 12-13 year olds can pilot our Junior Hovercrafts and under 12s can have an exhilarating hovercraft ride with one of Foylehov's expert instructors.

DRIVE and wheelie and skid in a Powerturn Off Road Buggy

Foylehov's Powerturn Buggies are built for acrobatic manoeuvres so wheelies and skids are an absolute must. With no steering wheel, you have two separate hand throttles which power the two back wheels so you have to co-ordinate yourself to make the buggy go in the direction you want. To drive on your own you must be at least 12 years old (age 12-13 year olds, drive in practice are only) and under 12s can be a passenger with any adult drivers.


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