New lap record at Foylehov 17/04/2013

Have you got what it takes to beat our hovercraft lap times? Our very own “Stig” just created a record hovercrafting lap time of 1 min 4.18 seconds, beating a 3 year record he set himself. It was timed using 2 stop watches which were stopped within 2 hundredths of a second of each other.

The fastest lap time for any customer is Tanya Ross  at 1 min 11 seconds, which was completed last August and nobody has been near it since!

Famous faces who have completed the track include Gary Lineker who did it in 1.43  and Dannielle Bux  who finished at 2.03  both on a windy day – which does slow you down considerably.

Ciara Whelan and Jon Slattery from TV3’s The Holiday Show set a 1.25 and 1.19 respectively. This was shown on Episode 6 of the last series which came from Northern Ireland. Locally, the best we have had was Rory Best - Ulster and Ireland Rugby Player - who set a 1 min 18 sec lap which was pretty good for a big man…. He was pretty chuffed up until his wife beat him by three seconds when she did her laps!

Try the lap challenge and see can you beat them all...