Foylehov looks to the future with Farm Modification Scheme 12/12/2013
The Farm Modification Programme provides rural development grants to help improve the overall performance of a farm through modernisation,  including the use of new technology and increased efficiency. The current programme is the 3rd tranche of the FMP to date, and the first two tranches were severely oversubscribed, indicating the value farmers place on improving themselves. The grant covers a maximum of 40% what you spend on modernisation, up to a limit of £4,000.
Here at Foylehov, we are waiting for farm inspection so that we can receive the grant, having already had to cover all out costs to date in full:  we bought a new electronic weighcrate and some EID equipment which will allow us to “man manage” individual sheep. The overall aim was to allow us to be as accurate as possible when treating, weighing and selecting sheep. It also allows us to select breeding programmes for the ewes and rams and replacements.
There was a clear need to modernise because we found that the old weighcrate was overweighing by 3 kilos  - so it has already helped. The EID tools and interface are very complex but are also very intricate, allowing us to control sheep more precisely than with just a farmer’s memory…..