Foylehov goes solar! 17/10/2013
Here at Foylehov we’ve turned our face to the sun for our energy. We have just installed 26 x 250w solar panels at our Carrowmena Farm premises, which can provide a maximum of 6.5 kwh of electricity. 
The 6.5kwh is based on the assumption that you are getting a full day of sunshine and brightness every day but a more realistic estimation is that it will generate approx 4.5 kwh on average – this is still more than enough for us!
The solar panels will power the farmhouse and the outbuildings and whatever electricity is not used is returned to the national grid. By selling the unused electricity back to the grid it should take us roughly 5 to 6 years to payback the original capital cost of the scheme. 

The new solar panel system was installed by Altec Solar, a specialist company based just outside Limavady  ( They were installed on a south facing roof of one of our farm outbuildings to maximise the exposure to the sun during the day.  Believe it or not, in the early 1900s this same outbuilding is where the Clydesdale horses were kept. The horses were used to work on the farm before tractors became common. It has now been a month since the panels were installed so we have almost stopped checking the output every hour lol!