Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting

Test out your aim with Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting here at Foylehov in Northern Ireland.

The ultimate in friendly competition, with everyone shooting at the same target – who can hit it 1st, or most often, or even at all!

At Foylehov Activity Centre you have the opportunity to test out your shooting skills and enjoy the thrill of shotgun shooting in a completely safe environment. The guns fire harmless infra-red beams at the clays so most ages, including children can play in complete safety.

During your session you will play a variety of different games with a master scoreboard revealing a running total for all the marksmen.  Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting is hugely entertaining, with a competitive edge!

Available to all ages, if capable of holding the authentic shotguns, and also can be hired for off site parties or events.

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting Gallery

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