Hovercraft Flying Experience

Hovercrafts Northern Ireland

Come on down to Foylehov Activity Centre and try Hovercraft Flying at the only place you can do it in all of Northern Ireland.

Flying a Hovercraft is an adrenaline rushing, thrilling yet also very fun activity to take part in. Foylehov have only the best hovercrafts which are maintained to the highest of standards. Each hovercrafting session includes a member of staff to guide and train each individual on how to drive the hovercraft.

Experience the thrill of gliding over land and water on a cushion of air at up to 40mph, on our purpose built grass track with abundant water hazards and tricky hairpins and bends.  Our specially designed Eagle 447 craft are easy to operate with minimal tuition, but require nerve and new “driving skills” to maximise the exhilaration of skimming in and out of water hazards at high speed.

Hovercrafting is a unique outdoor activity in Northern Ireland. So why not come to FoyleHov and try it out, you never know ... you could be the next Pro Hovercrafter!

Your Hovercraft Experience 

Your Hovercraft flying session begins in our Practice Arena where one of our experienced Hovercraft Instructors will explain and demonstrate how to fly the hovercrafts and manoeuvre them so you can get the best performance from them in the safest way possible. You will then get to pilot the Hovercraft on your own, in the Practice Arena, to get the feel for it before moving onto the tracks - the Practice Track and the Race Track. You will do timed laps on both tracks which will enable you to compete against yourself and others in your group. (Progress to the tracks is at the instructor's discretion depending on the skill level of the pilot)

Hovercraft Experience Age Variations 

Anyone aged 14 and over can try the full hovercraft experience detailed above. We also want as many people as possible to experience the excitement that comes with Hovercrafts so we have a few options for younger teenagers and children too:

Hovercraft Experience for Teenagers Aged 12-13 years old

Those aged 12-13 can fly the Hovercrafts in the Practice Arena, experiencing the thrill of piloting a hovercraft on their own and trying to master turns and controlling the hovercraft. View Hovercraft Experience Prices >>

Hovercraft Experience for Ages 10 - 11 years old

We introduced our Junior Hovercraft Experience so that 10 and 11 year olds can fly a Hovercraft themselves in their own purpose-built arena. Junior Hovercrafts can be experienced as an activity on its own or as part of a package. View our Junior Activity Prices & Packages here >>

Hovercraft Experience for Children Under 10 years old

While children under 10 can't fly the Hovercrafts themselves, they can still have a thrilling experience with a hovercraft ride with one of our expert instructors who will take them on laps of the Hovercraft track, doing tricks and spins along the way. Kids Activity Prices & Packages here >>


Hovercraft Flying Gallery

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