Buy Gift Experiences Vouchers for ages 11 to 14 year old

Need ideas for birthday presents for teenagers aged 11 to 14 years old? What could be better than a Foylehov Gift Experience Voucher? Our activity gift vouchers are perfect for you to treat the teenagers in your life to something a bit different. They can enjoy Hovercraft Flying, Powerturn Buggy driving and Laser Combat to Archery, Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting and Football Golf. You can choose vouchers for an individual activity or one of our activity packages might suit or simply for choose a value for the voucher, allowing the recipient to choose the activities they want.

You can buy our activity gift vouchers for teenagers online below or you can call us on 028777 22235 if you need a voucher for something that isn't list below. 

Gift experiences for teenagers in Northern Ireland (Limavady, Derry / Londonderry)

Foylehov Activity Centre is based just outside Limavady, near Derry / Londonderry & Coleraine, Northern Ireland and is ideally situated for an action packed adventure for teenagers. 


Age variations - Please note that the vouchers below are for ages 11 - 14 years and older. 

 Activity Gift Vouchers for Ages 11 - 14

Activity Gift Voucher - Youths
Recipient's Name
Buyer's Name

Hovercraft Flying Experience - £30

Powerturn Buggy Experience - £25

Laser Combat Experience - £20

Target Archery Experience - £10

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting Experience -

£10 Football Golf Vouchers:
Unlimited Rounds / Day Pass - £10
2 Rounds - £7.50
1 Round - £5

 Foylehov Activity Gift Vouchers


Want some multi-activity discount on your vouchers?

Here are some of our popular multi-activity combinations, with the added bonus of some multi activity discount thrown in. Want a different combination? Just give us a call on 028 777 22235 and we'll tailor the voucher to whatever mix of activities you want.


Multi-Activity Gift Vouchers - Mechanical Activities

Multi Activity Voucher - Mechanical Activities - Youths
Recipient's Name
Buyer's Name

Powerturn Buggies + Football Golf - £28.50

Hovercrafts + Football Golf - £33.25

Powerturn Buggies + Archery + Laser Clay Shooting - £42.75

Hovercrafts + Archery + Laser Clay Shooting - £47.50

Hovercrafts + Powerturn Buggies - £52.25

Hovercrafts + Powerturn Buggies + Laser Clay Shooting + Archery - £81

 Foylehov Activity Gift Vouchers


Multi-Activity Gift Vouchers - Non-Mechanical Activities

Multi-Activity Gift Voucher - Youth (Non Mechanical)
Recipient's Name
Buyer's Name

Archery + Football Golf - £14.25

Laser Clay Shooting + Football Golf - £14.25

Archery + Laser Clay Shooting - £19

Archery + Laser Clay Shooting + Football Golf - £23.75

Laser Combat + Football Golf - £23.75

Laser Combat + Laser Clay Shooting + Archery - £38

Laser Combat + Laser Clay Shooting + Archery + Football Golf - £40.50



 Activity Gift Vouchers - Set Amount

Gift Voucher Value Amount
Recipient's Name
Buyer's Name

Please choose the value you would like
for your activity gift voucher(s).

If you would like a voucher for a value that isn't listed,
please call us on 028777 22235 and we can
tailor the voucher(s) to your requirements.

Recipients can use these vouchers towards
the activities or packages of their choice.

 Foylehov Activity Gift Vouchers


Voucher Terms & Conditions

- Gift vouchers can be purchased online, over the phone or in person at the office at Foylehov Activity Centre.

- Advanced booking is essential.

- Voucher number(s) must be quoted at time of booking.

- Vouchers are used as deposit to secure your booking and will be voided if you fail to turn up or give 24 hours notice if you are unable to attend.

- Vouchers are non-refundable and there is no cash alternative.

- There is no expiry date but if there is a price change from when the voucher was purchased then the purchase value of the voucher will apply. 

- Gift vouchers are the sole responsibility of the bearer. Misplaced, lost, stolen vouchers cannot be replaced.

Call us on 028777 22235 if you have any queries.